Custom ROM HTC M8

Doppelkanger M8 GPE+ 5.1


-5.1 LMY470.H10 Google Play Edition
-No rom branding
-Zip aligned
-App ops in security settings
-Advanced power menu
-Clear all in recents
-Expandable volume panel, link/un-link notifications to ringtone
-Various memory bug fixes.
-Aroma Options
 --Dark material theme / settings, phone, contacts, calculator, framework-res (work in progress)
 --Darker material theme
 --Moto X camera & gallery
 --Sense camera & gallery
 --CyanogenMod apps (audioFX, browser, calendar, trebuchet launcher, file manager, music, gallery, sound recorder)
 --AOSP email
 --HTC keyboard
 --MMS apps
 --Live wallpapers
 --Audio mods (viper4android, volume boost, cyanogenmod ringtones)
 --Colorful navbar (mimics status bar)
 --De-Bloat menu
 --Stock kernel
 --Quantum kernel (special thanks to PwnCakes193)
 --ElementalX kernel (special thanks to @flar2)
 --Elite kernel (special thanks to @buckmarble)
 --CodeCraft kernel (special thanks to @Evolutionmods)
-Custom extra settings (change in real time)
   --Screen density (DPI)
   --Power saver color (change the battery saver status bar warning color
   --Show search bar in recents
   --Show clear all recents button
   --Location of clear all button
--Status bar
   --Show alarm icon
   --Show weather in notification header
   --Double tap to sleep
   --Network traffic meter
   --Enable ticker
   --Clock position
   --AM/PM style
   --Day of the week style
   --Battery style
   --Battery percent options
   --Enable/Disable heads up
   --Heads up timeout
   --Quick Settings tile reorder "Only in 5.0.1 build"
   --One finger quick settings
--Navigation bar
   --Long press recents
   --Long press back to kill
   --Navigation bar height
   --Show arrow keys on navbar while typing
   --Navigation bar layout
   --Navigation ring targets "Only in 5.0.1 build"
--Volume buttons
   --Volume panel timeout
   --Enable/Disable volume notification sounds
   --Volume keys move cursor "Only in 5.0.1 build"
   --Music Controls, long press up action, long press down action, timeout
--Lock screen
   --Quick unlock
   --Scramble pin
   --Double tap to sleep
   --Display music visualizer  "Only in 5.0.1 build"
   --Lock screen shortcuts

Installation instructions

Make sure you are on the latest Sense firmware or (GSM phones only) can convert to GPE
Refer to 2nd post for firmware instructions.

We recommend using TWRP or Philz 6.25.x recovery

*Launch M8 GPE AROMA installer in recovery
*Choose install method (custom or default)
*Follow the instructions in aroma to guide you through your setup
*Reboot and Enjoy!
*First boot will take 5 to 10 minutes.


Developers:Please give proper credit if using any part of this rom.

M8-GPE-10-15-2015 *5.1 builds* / Changelog in second post.




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