Cara Pasang CM12.1 Di Zenfone 2


  • Rooted
  • unlock boot loader
  • adb installed


  1. buka page ini kalo belom di unlock bootloader nya
  2. Setelah selesai di unlock bootloadernya, download twrp disini dan turn off hp nya, colok ke kabel usb hp, tekan dan tahan VOL UP kemudian konek usb tadi ke pc. tunggu beberapa detik sampe muncul robot ijo androidnya nongol. nanti di sana ada tulisan biru “Waiting Fastboot command or Continue the fastboot process”
  3. select the folder where you are having the twrp.img by pressing Shift + Right Click.. Then select “Open command here”…
  4. Copy and paste the following command in the command prompt window
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  5. after it finish the flashing[it will take less than 10sec only],u can unplug the phone, boot the phone. setelah selesai flashing [kira kira sekitar 10 detik] lepas hp dari kabel data. dan nyalain hp nya.
  6. Download Cm 12.1 disini [NOTE:lihat tanggal build nya, reccomended yang latest version]
  7. get the gapps from here
  8. setelah selesai download CM12.1 dan gapps nya, taro file di sdcard. kita siap eksekusi.
  9. sekarang power off zenfone 2 nya. setelah mati, tekan dan tahan VOL UP + Power sampe getar. Setelah getar berhenti, lepas power button dan terus tekan VOL UP sampe green robot android muncul. nanti muncul tulisan biru “Waiting Fastboot command”, klik VOL DOWN sampe Recovery Mode, terus klik Power Button.
  10. it will enter twrp,first take the backup of ur current OS[tick everything] ,so u can restore if u want to use stock at some point[even the apps will be there,but if you kept the obb,data in internal,it will be wiped,so better copy android folder to pc]
  11. now click wipe,click advanced wipe,select everything except the microsd [be careful],if u want to keep the internal files,then untick internal storage also
  12. Click the install,choose externalSD, search for those zip,and install ,then install,reboot..
  13. Enjoy the CM12.1 in ZF2

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