How To Camera Save to SDCARD [ROOT]

As you all want to save your pictures/videos to your external card (like I wanted), I give you my solution for this problem.

After some research here is my short method to make your Phone saving photos/videos to external card:

0. First of all, You must move first your DCIM folder in internal, To your PC/Laptop or to your SDCARD External
1. I attached two files, you have to download them to your phone
2. Install XposedInstaller.apk
3. Launch the Xposed Installer, give it root, and click on “Install/Update”
4. Reboot your phone
5. Install Pictures2SD_102.apk
6. Launch Xposed Installer, go to the modules page and check Picture2SD
7. It’s done

I hope I don’t forget anything, and I’m sure you can do it yourself if I missed something.
Attached Files

File Type: apk XposedInstaller.apk[Click for QR Code] (1.31 MB, 49 views)
File Type: apk Pictures2SD_102.apk[Click for QR Code] (89.0 KB, 47 views)

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