XBooster Pro 4.5.2 Chinese Version

What is XBooster?

XBooster (Boost My Xperia™) is a tiny yet powerful app that boosts your device’s performance. Initially, I made this app for my ROM users only and after launching my new updates of rom (also the app is updated to v2.0), I thought to share this app with all of you here on XDA.
Basically its is a kinda of task manager, but actually it does more than a task manager.

This new app comes with a beautiful UI and a handy widget. There are three profiles to boost your device i.e. Gaming, Multitasking and default. Choose between any of these and you are done.

* Gaming mode is suitable for game lovers. It boosts your device and make a more free RAM available to play heavy games. If you like to play HD games in your device then first enable Gaming mode from this app and then start playing your games without lags.

* Multitasking mode manages memory and give an optimum amount of free RAM. This mode is suitable for those who love to try and have installed several apps in their device. This mode lets you to switch between several apps in a quick and more responsive way.

* Default mode reverts back the changes that are made by this app (in case if you want to remove this app).

Also there is a Quick Boost feature available in app which kills some useless background apps and make some more free RAM.
You can boost your device from the home screen by using a beautiful “Boost” widget that comes with this app or you can boost you device from app drawer by launching this app and clicking Quick Boost button.

Caution: Boosting your device may cause some apps to force close unexpectedly. You may see some FCs of apps in Gaming mode (which is normal). So enable Gaming Mode only when you want to play games.

Note: Unlike other task managers that always reside in memory, this app doesn’t leave any active service to eat your RAM ( as I already told that this is more than an ordinary task manager). So don’t get confuse that this app will take some extra memory, instead, it will boosts some extra free memory.

* This app is compatible with/without a supercharged ROM but if your ROM is supercharged then you will get Super Boost.


Download : http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/59421743/file.html


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