Script Tweak 99power | for an Untweaked ROM

Most of time we flash script on our phone custom Roms.
but most of them are just a placebo script so I think about doing review of every script.
I tested every script one by one and check the difference.
Finally I found the scripts which are not a placebo and done huge difference in our phone performance and battery
The 99Power is the package of such script.(also included in My GingerDx Rom)

I will do more research on every script and will add to this package
Remember,If you have any Rom which have lot of tweaks then you need to first delete all the tweaks from init.d folder

Download the script from here

current version:1.0

Thanks to:
every script present on xda
Adrenaline Tweaks
you can also help!

just try every script available on xda separately and tell us a difference if there is big difference then it will get added to package

[minimum] [script] | 99power | for an Untweaked ROM | – xda-developers.


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