[ROM] MAY-28-13 | ICySNAP v2.0 GOLDEN EYE | ICS 4.0.4 | LGE 3.1 UI | Extended FINALE!

Hi and WELCOME, once again I present you my shared ROM, now that we are having stable builds of ICS (Android 4.0.4) I decided to move on it and give up on GingerBread, knowing mostly everyone knows about GingerSnap which will be the successor of this ROM i.e (ICy Snap). Know that we have an upgrade all same stuffs from before will be included on this, like my ui concept LGUI as usual, making mods improving system and get some snappiness, porting some goodies, and expect the unexpected so Good Luck and enjoy to everyone

PRUDENCE to all ROM porters and modders, Any ports from other device is granted and YOU as the porter do not need to ask any permissions on ME as the OP of this ROM i.e (ICy Snap for lg p500), BUT you MUST notify me as the ONLY condition, I dont like to see a ROM’s originally from our section and called it YOURS on other device section. Proper CREDITS should also be given..
Another PRUDENCE, RE-POSTING of the same ROM with just some small changes etc.. on the same section is NOT PERMITTED, we dont need two same thing, that just doesnt make sense, but if the case is for improvements.. lets just help each other on this.
If somehow you hate me for this, you may read xda forum rules under rule #12 here.
Dont take me wrong for this, I also have hard time modifying and work on this, thats all I’am asking.

  • Based off UNOFFICIAL CM9.1.x Builds by Hepphappy
  • LG 4x Style Revamped Lockscreen SingleWave
  • LG 3.1 User Interface Inspired Revamped (PATCHED ROM Fyi)
  • LG-white HOLO Themed pre-built User Interface
  • LG 3 Launcher from L5 (Widget and icons automatically moves and fits on screen, same as in JB )
  • LG 3 Weather Widget
  • L7 Full UI, Notification, Ringtones Enhancements
  • L7 Wallpapers, Fonts and Boot Animation
  • Fancy Framework LG UI cosmetics
  • Facny UI animations from Jelly Bean
  • Some Ported LG Apps From Optimus L7 (More soon)
  • BootSound support on ICS
  • System Optimizer Featuring ICy Tweaker
  • Improved LMK Mem and OOM grouping
  • Enabled linux SWAP for advance users, Expanded memory
  • Increase sd read/write and throughput
  • VM and Kernel management for Battery conservation and performance enhancement
  • Miscellaneous UI and system improvement
  • Pre Configured ROM, YES you’ll get MY settings AS DEFAULT
  • Nothing much to say, Get the experience out off it
  • Video preview by androidappstream

  • New BaseBand support Only, if your Baseband info shows V10x.Xx.Xx read this guide to upgrade
  • Working OMX HQ video playback
  • DSP Manager YES play music and press menu button select equalizer v1.0 ONLY
  • SRS and TRUBASS sound MOD play music and press menu button select equalizer ON v1+
  • Some Ported apps from L705 firmware
  • LG UI Holo Dark Including some pre apps, Not HOLO LIGHT UI, but Im working on it (halfway)
  • NO GAPPS Installed, Added separate GAPPS on download section
  • Problems locating your current position? Flash Gapps
  • NO Theme.apk, This is a Patched ROM
  • aLogcat app, so newbies can monitor and send logcats, see Guides how to enable logcat 1st
  • NO Fee’s IT’s FREE
  • Linux swap: EXPANDED MEMORY
    • Code:
      to test if it works for you
      type: "free" on terminal w/o quotation
      and see if swap is == to your sd swap size, then it works for you
  • Built-in DATA to EXT Mod, very simple to use, no need for crappy apps to move you applications to sd ext
    to activate data to ext:
    type on terminal "su" w/o quotations hit enter
    type "d2ext" and reboot

GOLDEN EYE version 2.0

Extended version re-based on CM9.2.2 ICS+ (all fixes and ft. are intact)
Deodexed System and Framework
Fixed SRS Panel bass distortion, credits to zhuhang
Removed Boot sound including command scripts (no need of this anymore right?)

Features, commands and rom information/explanation same as v1.6
This ROM already speaks for it’s popularity, reputation and credibility on this section, as per request of p500 users here’s v2.0
extended finale version, ENJOY ICySNAP!

Bugs-No fixes but you are WARNED!

If you stick from the LG styled lockscreen, DO NOT change the lockscreen background
else, bootloop and possible data loss.


[ROM] MAY-28-13 | ICySNAP v2.0 GOLDEN EYE | ICS 4.0.4 | LGE 3.1 UI | Extended FINALE! – xda-developers.


10 thoughts on “[ROM] MAY-28-13 | ICySNAP v2.0 GOLDEN EYE | ICS 4.0.4 | LGE 3.1 UI | Extended FINALE!

  1. i love this rom… used it for a week although i wasnt able to use playstore, browser, wifi was not working, had bluetooth problems…. well i missed d gingersnap keyboard and other suff so i hv downgraded to gingersnap…


  2. hello guys can any one help me resolve my wifi problem? i hv followed the instruction and done everything mentioned mobile data works but wifi does not detect any network….. do i hv to install anyother thing to get it to work?

    another thing…. am able to recieve files with bluetooth but am not able to send…. it fails upon initiation

    apart from this everything else is working just great


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