How to Delete Unused/Old Apps on Android Easily

I always say that the best way to discover new and useful apps on any device is by downloading them for yourself. Trying new apps on our own, one after another is an amazing way to see if the app suits your needs. People ask me my secret on how I come with new and interesting apps every day, and today I have revealed them to you.

However, not all apps you install from the Play Store are actually important and there are many scenarios when the user stops to use the app after a few days. These apps, if neglected, stay in your device and continue to consume space. So today I will show you how you can get rid of these useless/old apps on your device easily using a simple app called Unused Apps Remover.

unused app remover How to Delete Unused/Old Apps on Android Easily

Unused Apps Remover is a nifty app for Android which determines the old apps on your device and are not that frequently used. The app then helps you to get rid of these apps to free up space.

How to use Unused Apps Remover

To get started, download and install Unused App Remover on your Android device from the Play Store. The app is available for free, but contains some in-app ads for the developer to make some revenue. But if you like your apps cleans, the ad free version can be purchased for $0.99.

When you launch the app, you will see three lists (All, Old and Never Used) that contains the apps that are currently installed on your device. The app might gather some statistics for each of the apps before arranging them in the particular section. But before that, you might want to configure some parameters in the app settings to decide how long an app has to stay unused before it was added to the unused list of apps. Having done that, wait for the app to gather the data for the apps again.

unused app remover 2 How to Delete Unused/Old Apps on Android Easily

Unused Apps Remover will automatically give you notifications (if enabled) when any of the installed apps on your device crosses the unused day threshold. The user can then go ahead and delete the apps to free up some memory on their device. If you don’t want to be notified at all, just disable the notification option in the app configuration.

unused app remover 3 How to Delete Unused/Old Apps on Android Easily

Apart from that, you can use the two lists of old and unused apps to get rid of unwanted apps from your Android smartphone. To delete an app, just tap the delete button next to the app. The app doesn’t give an upper hand to rooted device and there’s no way the apps can be deleted silently in bulk. But that would be a great feature to add if the app can be used with root privileges to mass delete apps.

unused app remover 1 How to Delete Unused/Old Apps on Android Easily


So that was how you can use the app Unused Apps Remover Free to delete unused/old apps on the Android device. So try out the app and don’t forget to tell us your experience with it.  If you would like to suggest a similar app, just mention it in the comments below.

How to Delete Unused/Old Apps on Android Easily.


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