How to Send Any File Type on WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp has changed the way we get connected to our friends and as it has evolved, we can now share photos, music, videos, contacts and personal location in a jiffy. However the file sharing options via WhatsApp are very limited and one cannot send any other file type (except photos, video and audio). There is no way a user can send a PDF or a ZIP file to any of its recipients.

However if you own an Android phone, today we are going to show you how you can use an app called What’s Packed  along with WhatsApp to lift the file sending restriction. The app masks the file you wish along with an audio file that can be later extracted at his recipient end.

Sending Files on WhatsApp using What’s Packed

1. Download and install What’s Packed on your Android devices. As the app packs the data file with an audio you will have to install it on both the Android devices to extract the encoded data.

whatspacked 2 How to Send Any File Type on WhatsApp for Android

2. After you have installed the app, open the WhatsApp app on the device from which you want to send the data from and tap on the option Audio/Recorder. When you click on the option WhatsApp will ask you the default app you would like to use for recording the sound. Here select the app What’s Packed but make sure you don’t check the option to select it as default handler for the future.

whatspacked 3 How to Send Any File Type on WhatsApp for Android

3. Having done that you will be asked to select the file from a very simple file manager. Just select the file you want to send and tap OK on the confirmation window. The file will then be packed as an audio file and sent to the recipient.

whatspacked 1 How to Send Any File Type on WhatsApp for Android

4. When the recipient receives the file, he can extract the file using the app What’s Packed and have a look at the packed file.

Note: As the What’s Packed is required for both – the sender and the receiver, the trick can only be used to send files between two Android devices. If the recipient is trying to access the file on any other device like the iPhone or Windows phone, he will just get an audio file which will never play.


So that was how you can send any file type between two WhatsApp contacts as long as they are using Android devices and have the above mentioned app installed on their devices. If you know a better way to make this work, please don’t forget to share it with us. We love it when our readers reach out to us.


How to Send Any File Type on WhatsApp for Android.


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