Get iOS Like Side Swiping Multitasking on Android with Kakudo

I love multi-tasking on Android, but what I don’t like is how it’s implemented. Consider a scenario where you have to copy some text from your Android browser to notes. Normally this can be done by switching between the apps using the recent app button on Android (dedicated key or long press home), but I wish I could just swipe between my recent apps like iPhone or iPad and get things done really fast.

kakudo Get iOS Like Side Swiping Multitasking on Android with Kakudo

Kakudo for Android

Now here’s a good thing about Android, you can get most of the features you wish for with a simple search on the Play Store, and this time my search ended with Kakudo. Kakudo for Android is a simple accessibility app using which you can quickly switch between apps by just swiping your finger from the device edges. Both the left and right edge of the screen can be used to navigate between most recent apps accessed on the Android. Now only that, Kakudo also provide a mini app drawer you can slide in using a swiping gesture.

Kakudo Lite Get iOS Like Side Swiping Multitasking on Android with Kakudo

After you have have installed Kakudo from the Play Store, open the app and tap on the Kakudo notification in the app drawer to configure it. Here you can configure aspects like sensitivity, slide bar position before you can use it. The app drawer can be used on any running app and thus you done need to switch back to home screen whenever you wish to switch between the apps.

App Drawer Get iOS Like Side Swiping Multitasking on Android with Kakudo

The app drawer can be a little too much for small screen devices and can be easily turned off from Kakudo configuration panel. You can also choose to start the app automatically on boot. The notification icon in the drawer cannot be hidden in the lite version and user can upgrade it to the pro version to hide the notification and get some additional features along with that. However, according to developers, it’s a great idea to enable notification at all times to allow Kakudo to stay active in the background.

The app is still fresh from the oven and in its early development stage. Developer have promised some amazing new features for future update. The pro version of  Kakudo is currently on sale and you can grab it today for just $0.99.


I have been used the app for past few days now and I like the idea of getting swipe slide for app feature without root access on the phone. If you are having trouble with the app and its not recognizing your swipes, try to increase the app sensitivity form the app drawer and try again. All in all, Kakudo is a must have app for every large screen Android devices.

Get iOS Like Side Swiping Multitasking on Android with Kakudo.


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